The Accelerator Academy is a successful and established 12 week high growth training and mentoring programme for ambitious digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, through Training, Mentoring and access to capital.
Focussed on start-up and early stage high growth potential Tech, Media, Telecoms (TMT) businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs, applicants are initially assessed for suitability through online applications, and around 10-12 successful companies (typically 25 founders and co-founders) are accepted into the Accelerator Academy. Participants take part in the part time (evenings / weekends) course, with successful exited TMT entrepreneurs mentoring them personally (2-3 businesses per mentor, to ensure sufficient ‘facetime’).

The programme ‘market tests’ business ideas and models, to give entrepreneurs the best chance of success and investor readiness.

The syllabus covers a range of weekly themes, including market research, routes to market, sales, marketing, recruitment, legal issues (IP, employment, commercial agreements, investment documentation), finance and fundraising. The content is not about “how to do it”, its about “how to do it better”, how to shorten the learning curve and increase your chances of getting your business into a higher growth trajectory.





Programme overview & goals


Market Fit - Defining the opportunity




Marketing for Disruptive Startups


Product Development Road Map


Sales - Proving the Concept


Early Stage Investor Event


Completion session - What Next?


Accelerator Academy Practice Presentation


Raising finance to scale


Legal - Protection & Protocol


Team Recruitment


How do I join?

There are three stages to joining the Academy:

  1. First complete your application. Click here
  2. If shortlisted, you will be invited to a Skype interview and if successful you will be invited into the Academy. We share your skill assessment results with you, and use them to "match make" you with the most appropriate Mentor(s).
  3. Upon acceptance you will be sent a Welcome Pack and an invoice for the course fee (£600+vat). Training, Mentoring and Investment presentations are available to all Academy members through the 12 week Syllabus. Mentors and the Academy agree to buy up to 5% options in your business, providing ongoing support from the successful Mentors and ongoing access to the Academy.

Is the programme established?

We have successfully run 12 semesters, supported 111 companies and helped create £250m of shareholder value. We have subsequently helped our alumni raise around £25m of follow on investment with a further £2m in the pipeline.

Where is the Academy based?

The sessions are hosted at the Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon, Central London with Monday evening sessions, midweek clinics and flexible mentor time.

What is the cost of the course for participants screened and selected for the 3 month programme?

The course is subsidised. The course fee is £600+VAT (approx £50 pwk) per company (not per attendee). You can bring co-founders, staff and non-execs to the Academy. The course costs over £3,500 to deliver to each participant company but is underwritten by White Horse Capital and our commercial sponsors.

How do the equity options work?

Participant companies agree to sell 5% of their shares as Options to the Accelerator Academy, divided between the Academy and your Personal Business Mentor. This also allows ongoing access to the Mentors and Academy resources as the business grows. The Options are granted at a valuation set by the next external investment round.

Are applicants selected from firms yet to launch or will start-ups that have launched also be able to participate?

The programme is focussed on start-ups that have already launched and businesses that are up to one year old (or lifetime revenues of £250k), as thereafter the growth challenges change. For companies at the pre-launch phase, we also help to run Fast Forward London, which is a pre-accelerator programme.

Who will participate?

Around 25 co-founders / entrepreneurs from 10-12 start-up to early stage, high growth TMT businesses, profiled for pre-acceptance using our online application process. This includes B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies, tech, social, apps, ecommerce, digital media and marketing businesses.

How often will events be run?

The 12 week syllabus runs on Monday evenings between 6-9pm, (running Jan-Apr / Apr-Jul / Sep-Dec), with Personal Business Mentors providing additional tutoring at agreed timeslots, plus midweek clinics at least once per fortnight. The dates for the syllabus are detailed on the Home page.

Who are the Mentors?

Their biogs are included under Mentors in the Team section. They have collectively achieved exits of around £2.5BN from businesses they have created, built and sold. Their Mentoring is provided to Academy Members, and they have the option to build an equity stake in your business. Each startup company is assigned one mentor, who works with them each week for the 12 weeks and then remains available for a period of time after the programme to support the startup.

Who should apply?

1. We are looking to work with high growth ambitious startup companies (not entrepreneurs with vague ideas). 2. We want scaleable businesses, capable of delivering a 10x return on seed stage investment within a 5 year timescale 3. We want to see proof of concept (prototype, user data) 4. We love seeing commercial interest (sales, orders, letters of intent). The bigger the better! 5. We prioritise companies whose founders have brilliant domain expertise 6. We prefer at least co-founders to sole founders. Virtual support teams / NEDs are OK. 7. Inhouse development / tech tends to outrank outsourced support. 8. We want exceptionally hard working founders, prepared to listen and learn, apply knowledge into their startup to build impressive businesses that can “outrun the competition”. 9. Our preference is for disruptive tech 10. We work across B2B / B2C and B2B2C 11. Companies can be pre-revenue or generating sales, where possible we like to select businesses that are or can generate revenue during the 12 week programme. 12. Companies should be within their first year of trading 13. Ideally with a UK Limited company (at least within the ‘group’ if based abroad) 14. Evidence of prior founder investment (“skin in the game”) is increasingly the norm (ideally cash invested, salary sacrifice, or debt / equity raised) 15. Once accepted we expect absolute commitment to the training sessions and mentor meetings.


Benefits & Share option agreement:

Offers and deals

Members of the Academy receive access to thousands of pounds of offers and deals, access to unique events and amazing introductions to clients, partners, investors and even additional management team members to speed up your growth and help you scale your business.

Sponsors & partners

The programme is sponsored with our partners all offering special services, discounts and free support to members. Notably through our host partner the Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon, we are able to offer:

-Access to Hot-desking area: CEO gets a free membership and all other team members get 50% off their chosen membership during the program, thereafter 20% discount for everyone for 3 months after graduating from AA.
-Access to Hive permanent desking area: 50% off for all team members and CEO for the program duration, 20% for 3 months after.
(All other services and terms and conditions as per all other Innovation Warehouse members. Membership subject to space availability).

Participant fee and share option agreement

There is a participant fee (£600) for accessing the 150 hours of training, mentoring, workspace and support plus a commitment to allow the Academy and Mentors to buy up to 5% (collectively) of your company (via options).